Post-Spring Break Course Revisions

First and foremost, I know this is a strange new situation for everyone, and no one signed up for a class in this particular, altered format. We all have to be patient and generous with each other as we make the necessary adjustments to complete this semester successfully without being able to meet in person. My primary concern is your individual health and well-being. Please, keep me posted if your circumstances suddenly change (I’m thinking particularly of your physical or mental health, housing, family responsibilities) so we can discuss what’s best for you.

I’ve made some alterations to the syllabus. Please download the new one, and toss the old one.

Paper and assignment due dates have *not* changed, but know that I plan to be very flexible about deadlines and the final exam. I know we are all under a lot of stress, so do the best you can.

Please note the new pattern: Tuesdays will be an online lecture — I am planning a combination of short lecture segments, online clips, and other multimedia resources. Set aside enough time to listen / watch for 60-75 minutes. Thursdays I will hold a Zoom class from 11:30 – 12:30. Attendance is not mandatory but I think it will help with both continuity and community to hold a weekly virtual meeting. You are responsible for the reading and definitions assigned on each day, regardless whether it’s an online lecture or a Zoom meeting. If you haven’t used Zoom before you may need to download the app in order to join the meeting. I’ll post the meeting’s link to Blackboard each week.

If you have a chapter briefing scheduled between March 30 – April 30, check the Google Doc as I have updated the dates for the rest of the term so they all fall on Thursdays. You have TWO OPTIONS for your presentation: do it on your assigned Thursday during the Zoom meeting (you can share slides from your home screen, or go without slides) – OR – email me a Powerpoint or Google Slides recording or phone video (or link to a video stored on Google Drive) of yourself doing your presentation BEFORE the 11:30 Thursday Zoom meeting. Either way, email or share your slides by 11:30 am on your assigned day, if you choose to use slides. If you need me to walk you through any of those technical steps, please reach out ahead of time for help.

Got questions? Email me anytime. Be well and safe.

World War II in North Africa and Europe, 1942-1945

Links for today:

Department of Defense Film, “Tunisian Victory” (American / British, US National Archives)

Trailer, Mighty Eighth: The Air War in Europe

Importance of Ultra (UnknownHistory)

Saving Private Ryan (1998) opening – Omaha Beach, 6 Jun 1944

CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow accompanying troops liberating Nazi concentration camps, May 1945

On a Note of Triumph – CBS Norman Corwin broadcast after V-E Day, 13 May 1945