Unit 1: The Way We Were (Or Not)

by admin - September 12th, 2013

Readings and reminders for our first unit:

Mon 9/9 Roots of Change – Before the Fifties (Dunar Ch 1)

Wed 9/11 Fair Deal and “News of the Fifties (Dunar Ch 2) – see the Newspaper tab

Fri 9/13 The Luckiest Generation (Hine, “Luckiest Generation” PDF on Blackboard)

Links from today’s class:
“Family Date” instructional film (1950)
“Two Ford Family” commercial
Betty Crocker cake mix commercial
Opening scene of “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” (1955) – fantastic movie, by the way
“I Love Lucy” Season 2, Episode 4 (job switching episode)

Mon 9/16 Wikipedia Workshop. Bring your laptops, and ahead of time take a look at this Wikipedia entry on the US in the 1950s

Wed 9/18 The Nostalgia Trap (Coontz, “What We Miss” PDF on Blackboard)

Fri 9/20 The Postwar War (Dunar Ch 3). H-Lab #1 on the Wikipedia entry is due in class.

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