Unit 3: The 1970s and 1980s

by admin - March 9th, 2016

During this unit, which covers the 1970s and 1980s, we’ll have 2 Congress days and also make good headway on the research paper assignment. Remember to figure out the basics of footnote citations preferably BEFORE spring break.

Mon 3/7 America Under Nixon / Watergate. MO 10 + HOT 6. Paper topic + HOT document due
Wed 3/9 Nixon and the World. MO 11
Film clips: Nixon’s Secret Plan (History Channel) + Nixon’s China Game, Part 1 (PBS American Experience)
Fri 3/11 Congress Day #5
Mon 3/14 Era of Limits; Interpreting the 1970s. MO 12 + HOT 7
Wed 3/16 Library Research Day – meet in the LRC instructional area (children’s book section) with your laptops – we won’t meet in our regular classroom
Fri 3/18 Congress Day #6

(Exam 3 Study Guide handed out. Instructions: fill out your bracket and bring it back on Monday 3/28)

3/21 – 3/26 Spring Break

Study Guide Bracket
2016-03-28 10_26_43-PowerPoint Slide Show - [203.26 MarchMadnessSwt16.Mar16.pptx]

Mon 3/28 Social and Cultural Transformations of the 1970s. MO 13
Wed 3/30 The Reagan Years & New Conservatism. MO 14 + HOT 8

Link for today:
The Carter ‘Malaise’ Speech, 30 Years Later (NPR Weekend Edition, 2009)

Fri 4/1 Exam #3 (MO 10-14 and HOT 6-8)

Paper Draft (full length) is due in class on Mon 4/4

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