Textbook Link

The Army Center for Military History website seems to be down this week, which makes it hard to access our textbooks online (especially with the midterm tomorrow!). Here’s a link to a Google Drive folder with both books as giant PDF files. I recommend downloading them for offline use, if you haven’t already.


I’ve also added this folder link to our course website sidebar –> to make it easier to find.

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick (Feb 18)

Links for today:

US / World History in Context (need WSU login to use)

U.S. Navy from Civil War to the “Great White Fleet”

Quick overview of Theodore Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet” trip 1906-1907

The Schlieffen Plan (i.e. why Germany invaded France through Belgium in 1914, and how that worked out for them)

PBS American Experience, The Great War, Part 1 (may need PBS Passport to view)

Civil War, Part II (1863-1865)

Links for today:

Armies and Organization in the Civil War (Battlefield Trust)

Magnitude of the Civil War (Ken Burns)

Animated Battle Map of entire Civil War, by year (Battlefield Trust)

Overview of the Western Theater (Battlefield Trust)

Vicksburg Campaign – July 1863 (Battlefield Trust)

Chickamauga Campaign / Battle of Chattanooga – Sept-Nov 1863 (Battlefield Trust)

Atlanta Campaign – May-Sept 1864 (Battlefield Trust)

Sherman’s March – late 1864 (Ken Burns)

Sherman’s Field Order No. 15 – 1865 (Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History)