Elvis Presley

by admin - October 12th, 2017

By Matas Buivydas

Elvis Presley, a man with immense fame and who changed the style of music and Rock & Roll forever. He had great talent when it came to dancing elegantly, wooing the audience with every move and twist. Not only that, but his voice controlled the 1950’s and so on with his indistinguishable voice.

Elvis appears on the Ed Sullivan show

Elvis Presley was not known well until he made multiple television appearances, spiking his fame and fanbase. Presley contained characteristics that people were in love with. He was someone that no one could miss, with his slick combed hair and fashion. His deep voice with his way of elongating his words could be identified. His voice gained the center of attention, as he could illuminate the stage with his style of singing jazz and rock & roll songs. Famous for recording “Hound Dog” and the well known “Jailhouse Rock”, Presley began to take opportunities on the ‘big’ screen. Appearing on the Stage Show, he then proceeded to record more songs and sing them live, expanding his fame. He had also been on The Ed Sullivan Show, which was the hit show in the 1950’s, but although it was a different plan for the show, the turnout was beneficial for his career as well as the show.

Presley was an idol for the teenage environment, and also was a symbol of provocative movement. Parents, like any generation with certain dance movements within music, were displeased with what culture Presley was creating. Seen in many video bits and live recorded concerts, Presley was cheered on for the slightest bodily movement by girls, yet frowned upon by parents due to it being seen as a suggestive and provocative dance move.

The King of Rock has his name live up to the current times, and will forever hold that position. Elvis Presley created a definite place for himself in history, holding a reputable voice and dance moves. Elvis Presley will continue to be an inspiration for many as well as be known for his success.

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