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Dec 2013 – Last Day details

by admin - December 9th, 2013

Hello all – Worcester State has a delayed opening, starting classes at 10. Any classes starting before 10 are cancelled, while any starting after 10 are ON.

This means we will have class, but I would like to have a shortened class from 11-11:20.

Please bring your copy of Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, having noted the themes he discusses and relating them back to what we’ve learned in class this semester. Your course reflection papers are due.

Thanks! I will see you at 11!

Cars in the 1950’s

by admin - December 4th, 2013

The 1950’s became known as the decade of car culture because of the mass production of automobiles. The economy began to rise because of the demand of the new and improved cars. “…The automobile industry continued to prosper throughout the decade and, with it, ancillary industries” (Dunar 170). Not only was the automobile industry booming, but steel, plastic, and fabric companies also began to flourish. Over the course of World War II, cars became a staple in the American family and taking a joy ride without a particular destination became extremely popular. Cars became more of a luxury rather than getting people from point A to point B. Continue reading →

That’s a Wrap

by admin - December 3rd, 2013

Throughout this course, we have learned about many topics involved in the 1950s. Those topics include McCarthyism, living conditions, Rock and Roll, consumerism, entertainment, and much more. Unfortunately there are many other topics we did not cover during this course. One topic that we did not go over, and my personal favorite, is musicals. Continue reading →

3-D Movies

by admin - December 3rd, 2013

New technologies in the 1950’s were taken in by everyone in the U.S. and loved by all. One of the biggest things from the ‘50’s were movies, but some of the most interesting from that time period in history was the 3D movies. A 3D movie is shot from regular cameras at two different perspectives and then technology or in the case in the ‘50’s special eyeglasses are worn. It can be noted that the ‘50’s were the golden era for 3D movies, and that all began with the release of the movie titled The Lions of Gulu (Wikipedia). As time went on in the ‘50’s 3D only became more popular. Continue reading →