Historian’s Craft Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should have accomplished the following:

  • broadened the range of sources and methods you use to study the past and investigate topics of your own interest
  • refined your research techniques and historical writing ability
  • created an electronic portfolio and begun the process of using it to integrate your learning in the History major or minor
  • explored various history-related professions in light of your own career goals

Historian’s Craft is designed to address the following learning outcomes of the history major / minor:

  • Students will identify primary and secondary sources, and understand the scholarly uses of each. Students can analyze a given source using appropriate questions, methods and techniques.
  • Students will gain information literacy with respect to both printed and online sources of historical information.
  • Students will frame questions for historical research and conduct a program of research inquiry, demonstrating strong and independent research skills.
  • Students will [prepare to] create original works of historical scholarship.
  • Students will reflect on their own learning process and become self-reliant and independent learners.