Government Documents Workshop Day, March 10

Group Work Google Docs

Muller v. Oregon
Schenck v. US
Buck v. Bell
Roe v. Wade

Other Government Document Resources to Explore

Congressional Record up to 1875

List of Federal Agencies

Milestone Documents of the U.S. Government

Government Printing Office: FDsys

Government Documents online, via the Internet Archive

America’s Founding Documents virtual exhibit on the National Archives website

State Constitutions
(University of Maryland Baltimore)

US Serials Set (some of which are online, some of which are only in bound volumes in depository libraries)

Checklist of Government Publications, 1789-1909

Understanding Su Doc Classification Numbers: an online tutorial (Michigan State U)

Research Guides of the Library of Congress

Locating Congressional hearings, a Beginner’s Guide (Library of Congress)

See also Senate hearings on the US Senate website

Federal Register (National Archives, since 1994)

Supreme Court cases: see the US Supreme Court website, also the Oyez Project

National Security Archive – a massive document dump of declassified material from FOIA requests (George Washington University)

Native American Tribal Law, Constitutions, and Treaties – National Indian Law Library

Miller Center for Presidential Studies (University of Virginia)

American Presidency Project (Univ of California Santa Barbara)

Many 20th-century presidents have Presidential Libraries: e.g. Nixon, Truman, FDR, Hoover

Massachusetts State –
Massachusetts Archive Collection (1629 – 1799)
MA Historical Legal Documents and Laws