Final Week’s Instructions for Spring 2020 Term

Hello all,

I was pleased to see so many of you turned in your completed coursework on Monday, and I look forward to reading it closely and grading very soon. Your diligence, hard work, and persistence in less-than-ideal learning circumstances are impressive. I hope you each feel proud of your accomplishments and your learning in this course, even though it wasn’t what we all envisioned at the outset together.

Next Monday, May 11, please plan to join your colleagues via Zoom from 5-7 pm at the link posted on Blackboard announcements.

During that meeting we will hold a mini-academic conference, in which each of you will have an opportunity to speak about your project. Plan on 5-7 minutes each. I would advise writing out your comments and practicing them ahead of time, using a timer, to make sure you fit within your allotted time. You may use Powerpoint to share images, if you want, through Zoom screen sharing. We will hopefully be joined by other faculty from the department and/or from the Honors program as audience.

I’ll briefly introduce the presentations in groups of 3 or 4, as would be customary at an academic conference, similar to conference panels.

The panels will be titled as follows:

Corruption and Salvation in Gilded Age New York City

The Constitution, Politics, and the Law

Rural Discontents: Farmers, Miners, and Struggles over Indigenous Lands

See Blackboard for the details on which panel your presentation is in. If you have questions or concerns, or want me to look at a draft of your comments in advance, please reach out and we can set up a call or Zoom this coming week. Also, if you need extended time for completion of any remaining coursework, also reach out so we can set up a completion plan.

See you Monday the 11th,

Dr. Hangen

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