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Useful Links
Our Timeline (Google Doc)
American Yawp free textbook (use chapters 15 – 20); see also AY’s Primary Source Reader
WSU Library Resources for History
American Presidency Project (UC Santa Barbara)
NINES (Nineteenth Century Scholarship Online)
Digital Public Library of America
SHGAPE (Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era)

Primary Source Books (* denotes fiction)
Most of these are in public domain and should be easily available in our library, via interlibrary loan, or digitized online (try Internet Archive, Digital Public Library of America, or HathiTrust).

Sears Roebuck Catalog (1897)
Henry Adams, Democracy: An American Novel* (1890)
Jane Addams, Twenty Years at Hull House (1912)
Louisa May Alcott, Little Women* (1869)
Mary Antin, The Promised Land (1912)
Phineas T. Barnum, Autobiography (any edition published after 1870)
Catharine Beecher, The American Woman’s Home (1869 or later editions)
L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz* (1900; other works by Baum also acceptable)
Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward: 2000-1887* (1888)
Rachel Calof, Rachel Calof’s Story: Jewish Homesteader on the Northern Plains (1995)
Charles Chestnutt, The Wife of His Youth, and Other Tales of the Color-Line* (1899) or House Behind the Cedars* (1899) or The Marrow of Tradition* (1901; other works by Chestnutt also acceptable)
Eugene Debs, Labor and Freedom (1916)
Frederick Douglass, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (1881 or later edition)
Theodore Dresier, Sister Carrie* (1900)
W.E.B. DuBois, Black Reconstruction in America (1935)
W.E.B. DuBois, Souls of Black Folk (1903)
Hamlin Garland, Main-Traveled Roads* (1891) or The Trail of the Gold-Seekers (1899; other works by Garland also acceptable)
Henry George, Progress and Poverty (1879)
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper (1890; other works by Gilman also acceptable)
Francis Ellen Watkins Harper, Sketches of Southern Life (1872; other works by Harper also acceptable)
Helen Hunt Jackson, Century of Dishonor (1881)
Henry James, Portrait of a Lady* (1881) or The Bostonians* (1886)
Sinclair Lewis, The Jungle* (1906)
Henry Demerest Lloyd, Wealth Against Commonwealth (1894)
Alfred Thayer Mahan, From Sail to Steam: Recollections of a Naval Life (1907) or Influence of Sea Power Upon History (1890); other works by Mahan also acceptable
David Saville Muzzey, An American History (textbook, any edition 1870-1920)
Frank Norris, The Octopus: A Story of California* (1901)
Zitkala Sa / Gertrude Bonnin, Impressions of an Indian Childhood (1921)
Hilda Satt Polachek, I Came a Stranger (1989)
Jacob Riis, How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York (1890)
Theodore Roosevelt, The Winning of the West (1889) or “The Strenuous Life” (1899)
Charles Sheldon, In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?* (1896)
Matthew Hale Smith, Sunshine and Shadow in New York (1869)
William Graham Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other (1883; other works by Sumner also acceptable)
Ida Tarbell, History of Standard Oil (1904)
Frederick Jackson Turner, “The Significance of the Frontier in American History” (1893)
Mark Twain, Gilded Age: A Tale of Today* (1873; other works by Twain also acceptable)
Thorstein Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic Study of Institutions (1899)
Thomas Watson, Life and Speeches of Thomas Watson (1908)
Ida B. Wells, Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All its Phases (1892)
Edith Wharton, House of Mirth* (1905) or Age of Innocence* (1920); other works by Wharton also acceptable
Frances Willard, Woman and Temperance (1883; other works by Willard also acceptable)
Anzia Yezierska, The Bread Givers* (1925)

Supreme Court Cases
1873 Bradwell v. Illinois, 83 US 130
1873 Slaughterhouse cases, 83 US 36
1876 U.S. v. Cruikshank, 92 US 542
1879 Standing Bear v. Crook, Nebraska Circuit Court, 25 F. Cas. 695
1884 Elk v. Wilkins, 112 US 94
1886 Santa Clara Co. v. Southern Pacific Railroad, 118 US 394
1886 Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 US 356
1895 In re Debs, 158 US 564
1896 Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 US 537
1898 U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 US 649
1901 Insular cases
1905 Lochner v. New York, 198 US 45
1908 Muller v. Oregon, 208 US 412

Digital Collections for Dime Novels
University of Minnesota
Northern Illinois University
University of Southern Florida
Other Archives

Arts, Architecture, and Material Culture
Newport mansions
Quilts of Gee’s Bend
Cecilia Beaux
Daniel Burnham
Scott Joplin
Gertrude Kasebier
Edmonia Lewis
Thomas Nast
Frederick Law Olmsted
Harriet Powers
Frederick Remington
Henry Hobson Richardson
John Singer Sargent
Louis Sullivan
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Frank Lloyd Wright

PBS American Experience Documentaries
Chinese Exclusion Act
Custer’s Last Stand
Into the Amazon
Murder of a President
Panama Canal
The Gilded Age
The Mine Wars
Triangle Fire